WheeliWeb Gazette
The Official Newsletter of #Disabled NewNet
May 1998

#Disabled Code of Conduct

by the members of #Disabled NewNet

The following guidelines have been established by the owner, operators and members of #Disabled NewNet.  The term "#Disabled" when used in this document, refers to both the IRC channel and the mailing list, unless stated otherwise.

Think of #Disabled as our home - you are a guest and are expected to be polite, respectful and courteous.  Those who aren't will be removed.

Members of the #Disabled mailing list must check their e-mail on a regular enough basis to prevent a full mailbox.  Anyone whose mailbox is full for longer than two days and/or repeatedly will be removed without warning (it is obvious that you cannot be warned if your mailbox is full).

The #Disabled channel is open for any kind of discussion.  The only time the topic must be disability-related is during scheduled meetings; at other times you are free to talk about anything you like.  On the other hand, the mailing list is not open topic - all messages posted must be related to disabilities, #Disabled (web site, channel, newsletter, etc.), or IRC in general.

Any user who interrupts a meeting on the #Disabled channel or is persistently off-topic will lose their ability to speak on the channel until the end of that meeting.  Any user who is persistently off-topic on the mailing list will be permanently removed from the list.

Language and/or nicknames deemed inappropriate by the #Disabled operators will not be tolerated.  This does not mean that "swearing" isn't allowed.  However, anyone who uses such language in a disrespectful manner and/or excessively will be temporarily or permanently removed.

Do not deliberately annoy other users.  If you are repeatedly asked to stop doing something and you refuse, you may be permanently banned.

If you no longer wish to be a part of the #Disabled mailing list, do not send angry or rude demands to be removed.  Such messages will be ignored.  If you no longer have the automatic removal instructions, then you may send a polite message to the list owner at owner-disabled@zoso.net asking to be manually removed.  Also keep in mind that manual removal may take up to two days.

The operators of the #Disabled channel, along with anyone who has been given ban power through the bots, have the right to decide what behavior is and isn't appropriate, and may kick and/or ban anyone with no obligation to justify their decisions.  This also applies to the mailing list - the owner reserves the right to ban anyone from the list at any time.

Anyone who is removed from the #Disabled mailing list for violating this code will be notified as to the offense and the length/conditions of the ban.

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